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# VARIETY SHOW: The Variety Show brings lots of performers together to create a wealth of artistic talent. They may be comedians, magicians, singers, dancers, musicians or part of a band but bringing them all together can make an excellent show.

VEHICLE RALLY: Organise a motor show for classic vehicles and motorbikes. The fascination in old historical vehicles draws massive crowds and when promoted properly will attract a very wide and exciting range of vehicles.



WALKS: Town trails and local guides in many towns are on the decline, although visitors and residents like to know a little of the history of the place they are visiting or live. A short walk pointing out the main places of interest or variations including "ghost walks" prove very popular.


WAXING: A chance for the boys to see what the girls go through! Wax chest and or legs and get sponsored.


WELLY THROWING: A good competition to hold at fetes, where people compete to throw a Wellington boot the furthest.

WHISKEY RAFFLE: Sell raffle tickets at an event for a pound. Every 25 tickets sold you pick a ticket and the winner receives a bottle of whiskey. This style of raffle means that people may have many goes throughout an event. Please consult Rowcroft fundraising about raffle legislation before you go ahead with this

WINDSCREEN WASH: A variation on traditional car washing services where you only wash the windscreen. This works exceptionally well at motorway service stations during the summer months. Get permission from the garage owner, even ask them for sponsorship.

# WINE AND CHEESE EVENING: A very popular way to raise funds. Encourage local supermarkets to donate the cheese and wine.

# WINE TASTING: Many wine companies offer tasting sessions for local organisations and they can assist in your fund raising efforts. Make sure that you receive a commission for every bottle sold and organise additional raffles.

WISHING WELL: If there is a well or a pool of water that you can see the bottom there is a fascination about throwing money into the pool! Try to locate "wishing wells" in the local area. Visitor areas seem to be very popular for this type of fund raising.


XMAS EVENING: How about holding a Xmas evening! From carols and party antics through to Christmas pudding and mince pies. Do not forget to invite Santa and his reindeer and rather than being traditional, why not have Christmas in July!

XMAS HAMPERS: Christmas hampers are an excellent way of raising money. Many people like to save on a regular basis for their Christmas hamper in order to ease the financial burden. In addition, you do not have to keep the hamper to perishables and food, you can always include toys and gifts.

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