Gift Aiding In Our Charity Shops

If you're a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of all your donations to our charity shops (be it clothing, bric-a-brac or furniture) by signing up to become a Rowcroft Gift Aider.

As with Gift Aid on monetary donations, all those who pay Income or Capital Gains Tax are eligible to register for Retail Gift Aid with Rowcroft… Unfortunately many people don't realise they’re missing out on raising extra funds for charities in this way, and all we need to be able to claim is a simple declaration form.

The government’s Retail Gift Aid scheme allows charity shops to reclaim tax on the value of goods you donate. The 'value' is determined by how much your donated goods sell for; so for every £1 someone spends on purchasing the item you’ve donated, 25 pence extra will come to us from the tax you’ve already paid in the current financial year.

How do I sign up to Gift Aid my donations?

You must sign up to Retail Gift Aid in one of our stores as we need a signature to sign you up. After this you will receive a card with your Gift Aid number on it. All you have to do once registered, is mention you're a Gift Aider and show your card when donating items.

Will I know how much my Gift Aid donations are worth?

Yes. By law we have to provide every Gift Aider with an update of how much has been claimed on their behalf, whenever we make a claim. This is to ensure no one person Gift Aids more in one year than they have paid in tax, but don't worry - this is VERY hard to do. You would have to donate more than what you pay in tax in any one financial year for this to apply to you, but one thing to bear in mind is the amount of Gift Aid claimed in any one year includes those spread over several charities and would include Gift Aid on both monetary and goods donations.

Please note: We will only contact you with the amount of Gift Aid claimed on goods donated to our shops, and it is your responsibility to ensure you have paid enough tax to cover the claims made. For more information please visit HM Revenue & Customs.

Will I also benefit by signing up to Gift Aid?

Other than the knowledge that you'll be helping to raise even more funds for your local hospice, there are a few tax benefits to Gift Aiding, particularly for those who fall into the 40% tax bracket. For more info visit HM Revenue & Customs.

I already Gift Aid, so surely I don't need to do anything else?

If you already Gift Aid donations of money to Rowcroft you will still need to sign up to Gift Aid your goods in our shops. This is because you need to declare that you’re aware that the Gift Aid claimed on your behalf may, in some exceptional circumstances, exceed the amount you have paid in any one financial year. It is your responsibility to ensure you have paid enough tax to cover the amount claimed, and because the Gift Aid claimed on goods sold in charity shops will depend on the amount they sell for, it is a legal requirement for us to obtain an additional declaration from you.

If you still need to complete a declaration form, you can do this in any of our shops and at our Drop-Off Centres in Torquay and Newton Abbot. yPlease note: You need to sign a Gift Aid form for each charity you donate to, so that each charity is aware of your intentions. Being a Gift Aider at another charity shop doesn't mean you are signed up with us.

If you have any other questions regarding Gift Aid you can contact our team by e-mailing or calling 01803 210832 to discuss further.

For more information on general Gift Aid, please visit our Why Gift Aid It web page.

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