In July 2016, we announced that Rowcroft was struggling to maintain current levels of care to local families due to an increase in demand and a shortfall in legacy income. This news was met with shock but also with overwhelming support from the local community.

Since July, the hospice has reduced its costs; through service redesign, greater efficiencies and a reduction in the breadth of some of the hospice’s services. None of these decisions has been taken lightly, and all have been made with current and future patients and families in mind. As a result of these reductions, we will save £500,000 in running costs by April 2017. During the next financial year we will have a full year’s effect of the savings, reducing costs by £1.1million.

Next steps…
We are working to a three year plan to improve the financial stability of the hospice, through raising funds and cost reduction. Once greater financial stability is achieved, we will be able to increase patient numbers and the breadth of care once more. To read about our three year business plan, please click here.

Rowcroft’s Urgent Appeal

In July we launched our Urgent Appeal with a target of raising an extra £585,000 in this current financial year. Since making the announcement, the hospice has received more than £400,000 through donations, lottery memberships and regular giving. Over £100,000 of this has been raised by the local community who have rallied organising coffee mornings, cake sales, craft fairs, auctions and more. And over £66,000 has come from people who set up regular monthly donations to the hospice.

While the hospice still has a way to go to reach financial stability, the picture is looking more positive. We have managed to protect patient numbers through redesign of our remaining services, improved efficiency and an increased percentage of patients receiving care in their own home.

We have only been able to get to this point with the support of our local community who understand how vital Rowcroft’s care is for local families facing the most difficult of times. Thank you!

A monthly donation through your bank or building society is the best way to give your support. Just £5 each month will really make a difference and help to provide a regular income for the hospice.

Make a monthly donation

Make a one-off donation

How your donation could help:

  • £5 per month over a year could pay for a Community Team nurse to visit a patient at home.
  • £15 a month over a year could fund care overnight by a Hospice at Home nurse, providing vital care to a patient and support to the family.
  • £20 a month over a year could fund a day of specialist palliative care to a patient on our Inpatient Unit.

If you’d like to learn more about the situation we’re facing please read the article recently posted to our Latest News page. There’s also a talk from Jon Hill, Rowcroft’s Acting Chief Executive which you can watch below – this was filmed in July 2016 when we made the funding shortfall announcement and it will give you a clear overview of what’s going on.

If you have any other questions please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for helping families to make the most of every precious moment.







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