The Story So Far

In July 2016, we announced that Rowcroft was struggling to maintain current levels of care to local families due to an increase in demand and a shortfall in legacy income. This news was met with shock but also with overwhelming support from the local community.

Since then, the hospice has reduced its costs; through service redesign, greater efficiencies and a reduction in the breadth of some of the hospice’s services. None of these decisions were taken lightly, and all have been made with current and future patients and families in mind. Direct patient care has been protected as much as possible, so that despite the cuts, we will continue to care for over 2,000 patients and their families every year. As a result of these reductions costs have been reduced by £1.1million.

Alongside the reduction of costs we launched an urgent fundraising appeal to raise an additional £585,000. Individuals, community groups and businesses have rallied to our aid. A staggering £605,000 has been raised – surpassing the target by £20,000. We are incredibly grateful to our local community for their support and generosity. 

The journey from here

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters and the substantial cost-savings we have made, Rowcroft’s services have been saved from closure. Now the challenge is to balance our finances by the end of March 2018 in order to fully safeguard the hospice’s future.

Our efforts are now focussed on securing the future of hospice care for the people in South Devon. We must balance our finances by March 2018 by continuing to increase our existing levels of fundraised income. Only then can we begin to rebuild a hospice service that meets all of the local community’s wishes.

We would love to expand our Hospice at Home and Community teams – thereby reaching more people and fulfilling their request to die in their own home. We would also love to redesign inpatient care to meet the increasingly complex needs of our patients, as well as recruit and train more volunteers to help expand the scope and reach of our service.

That is our hope for tomorrow, but today we really need the continued help of the local community to provide the highest quality of care to as many patients and their families as possible. Together, we can make every day the best day possible.

A monthly donation through your bank or building society is the best way to give your support. Just £5 each month will really make a difference and help to provide a regular income for the hospice.

Make a monthly donation

Make a one-off donation

How your donation could help:

  • £5 per month over a year could pay for a Community Team nurse to visit a patient at home.
  • £15 a month over a year could fund care overnight by a Hospice at Home nurse, providing vital care to a patient and support to the family.
  • £20 a month over a year could fund a day of specialist palliative care to a patient on our Inpatient Unit.

If you have any other questions please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for helping families to make the most of every precious moment.







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