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About this challenge

Dates: 29 April* & 22 September 2018
*this jump can be themed as Rowcroft superhero

Registration fee: £50 

Fundraising target: £395

Organiser: Skydive Buzz

Tandem skydiving is an easy and enjoyable way to experience the thrills of skydiving without having to learn how. The exhilarating free fall, combined with the peace and tranquility of the parachute ride, makes tandem skydiving a unique experience you will never forget.

After a short briefing on arrival at the airfield, your qualified instructor will gear you up and together you will make your way to the aircraft. Once on board, you will be securely harnessed to your instructor and the flight will begin to 15,000 feet, your exit height. Enjoy the views on ascent as you will be able to see the three coastlines of South Devon, North Devon and across the Bristol Channel to South Wales, making the drop zone one of the most scenic in the country.

Once at altitude, the door will open and then, with your heart pumping and the view of distant fields below you, it’s off to freefall before a large square canopy unfolds above your head for steered descent to the landing area.

For more information on how you can challenge yourself and raise vital funds for Rowcroft Hospice, contact our Community Fundraising Officer on 01803 217419 or email

Alternatively you can book yourselv directly onto the Skydive by visiting here.

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