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About this challenge

Dates: 7th - 15th October 2018

9 Days duration (5 active days)

There is a non refundable registration fee of £299, then two payment options:

Option A: 
Minimum Sponsorship of £2700 + Airport Tax and Fuel Surcharge Contribution: £250. 
(50% of the minimum sponsorship target will cover the costs of the trip, the remaining 50% will be donated to Rowcroft Hospice)

Option B: 
Self Funding £1350 + Airport Tax and Fuel Surcharge Contribution: £250.

Organiser: Global Adventure Challenges

The Great Wall of China has been voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Stretching for 6,000km, it zig-zags its way across China, snaking across mountains and through valleys.

Our Great Wall of China Trek is a fantastic charity challenge hiking for five days along this magnificent man-made structure. The challenge takes us over watch towers and mountains, through historic battlement stations that are well off the tourist trail.

You’ll also ‘lend a hand’ repairing a section of the Wall that is currently being reconstructed. You will place a personalised brick in this newly restored section, ensuring our own place in the Great Wall of China! Memories to cherish for a lifetime.

For more information on how you can challenge yourself and raise vital funds for Rowcroft Hospice, contact our Community Fundraising Manager on or 01803 210835.

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