Supporting Rowcroft Hospice on your wedding day -

Your wedding is a wonderful day for you, your family and friends. It's also a time to remember those who can't be with you for this special day.

Our wedding packages are a lovely way to remember a loved one and support your local hospice. 

Why not ask for donations instead of gifts?

You could ask your guests to make donations to Rowcroft Hospice instead of having a traditional wedding list, and we will take care of the rest. We can supply cards for your guests to make a donation and using these cards we can ensure everyone who makes a gift is thanked.

Set up a Just Giving page for your special day -

This can include your story, the reason for choosing the hospice and you can keep an eye on the running total by using your login details. You can also create a special thank you message which will be sent to each person who makes a donation; ensuring no-one is missed.

Rowcroft wedding favours, choice of two -

Rowcroft pin badges

These enamelled pins are supplied with a personalised favour card. The favours cost £1.50 each and will be a lasting memory to your guests of your special day.

Pin Badges

Please contact Lauren Peters on 01803 217419 or via email for more details.

Sarah (pictured above) made a donation to Rowcroft and chose to give her guests Rowcroft pin badges as her wedding favour: 

"Getting married can be quite a stressful time with all the organisation involved. There are so many things to order, hire and pay for! Wedding favours whilst a traditional aspect of a wedding, seem to have increased in size, and price, in recent years. We had a fairly large wedding of almost 100 people and it seemed a hard task sourcing wedding favours for less than £5 per person! From attending other people's weddings we were also aware that many people don't take the favours with them, and this seemed like such a waste.

Therefore we decided to do something different. Our local hospice is very important to us, so we thought that the money we would have spent on favours would be better off donated to Rowcroft Hospice for a worthy cause.

For the wedding guests we printed off a card explaining that in lieu of favours we had donated to Rowcroft Hospice and we provided them with a pin badge representing the Hospice. We had so many compliments from our guests that they thought this was a lovely idea, and it was so nice to see all our wedding guests wearing the badges during the reception."

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