Schools & Colleges

We consider young people to be the future of fundraising. Primary School pupils love our interactive Hospice Heroes presentation, where they get the opportunity to be a Doctor, Nurse, Chef or one of the many other professions who work here at the hospice.  It gently helps them develop an understanding of the work we do and the number of services we provide in South Devon.

For Secondary Schools and Colleges, we can deliver talks to small tutor groups or large assemblies – whichever works best with your busy timetables.  

These talks can be a useful tool in Citizenship classes and as a follow up, we ask pupils to maybe undertake a fundraising activity such as a mufti day, bake sale or even adopt Rowcroft Hospice as their Charity of the year. It is amazing how motivated young people are when raising money for a cause they believe in!

It’s not all about fundraising. We rely heavily on the generosity of people’s time too and are always looking for volunteers to help at our various community events. There are many ways your students could invest in the future of Rowcroft Hospice.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a presentation, please call Debbi Shotton on 01803 210833 or email

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