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SANTA’S GROTTO: No Christmas Fair can go by without a Santa's Grotto and many shopping centres will organise a grotto to benefit local organisations and charities.

# SCAVENGER HUNT: A scavenger hunt is enjoyed by both young and old. It is a form of treasure hunt where each team is given a list of items that they have to find and collect. The winning team is the one who collects the most.

SHOE SHINE: Organise a shoe shine stall in your local shopping centre or railway station and charge to polish peoples footwear. This is often more profitable during the week rather than the weekends.

SLIMMING: Getting sponsored for slimming offers you a good incentive not to fall off the wagon!

SILENCE: Easy for some, not so for others!

SIT IN A BATH: Get sponsorship to sit in a bath of....beans, maggots, cold tea, in fact anything that takes your fancy, or not. Try to complete your spectacle in a large shopping centre to create maximum coverage.

STREET PARTY: You will need to check with the council before making plans but it’s a good community builder and the games suggested in our A-Z can raise funds.


# SWEAR BOX: Try getting your work, the local pub or sports club to have a swear box at the bar area to boost your funds.

SWIM-A-THON: Take up a challenge to complete a swim-a-thon, swim for a set period of time or try to swim a certain distance.


# TEA AT 3: An event that we run from the Hospice that everyone can get involved with – contact the Fundraising office for further information.

TABLE TOP SALE: A tabletop sale is a variation of a car boot sale. Unlike the boot sale, you provide a table for each stallholder and the sale is held indoors. This means that the event can be held throughout the year.

# TALENT COMPETITION: The talent competition is an opportunity for local performers to compete against each other. It gives people the opportunity to perform on stage and entertain the audience. Charge the performers and audience an entry fee. Try to get prizes donated. Even try to get a local business to sponsor the whole event.

# TEN PIN BOWLING: Ten pin bowling challenges are great fundraisers and many centres will have special rates and evenings for charity events.

TOMBOLA: Traditional fair game where the competitor picks a raffle ticket out of a barrel and tries to match it with the number attached to a prize.

TOY SALE: Organising a toy sale is an excellent fund raising method. Children grow out of toys very quickly and if you organise it prior to Christmas you are on to a real winner.

# TREASURE HUNT: Teams compete against each other to complete a course to find the treasure by following set clues.


UNDERWEAR PARTY: For the adults! A variation on the party theme that can also become a fashion show as well!

UNWANTED PRESENTS: After the Christmas period you often see adverts for unwanted presents. Why not offer a place for everyone to sell their unwanted presents and you take a commission of the sale price or get people to donate them to your organisation.

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