Cycle Safety

Follow these cycling safety precautions to ensure you stay safe at all times during Ride for Rowcroft.

We recommend that you train for a minimum of six weeks prior to Ride for Rowcroft. There are a number of training guides online tailored to beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists. A selection are available on British Cycling’s website.

The Highway Code
Familiarise yourself with the Highway Code ( and key traffic signals including:

Ride for Rowcroft Hand Signals

Cycle on roads with traffic
All Ride for Rowcroft participants must be confident cycling on roads with traffic. Please remember the following:

  • It is a legal offence to cycle more than two abreast on any stretch of highway. We highly recommend that on narrow roads you cycle no more than single file.
  • Remember that all highway signage and traffic lights apply to cyclists. If you encounter a red light, you must come to a halt before the stop line.
  • To make a turn, check the traffic to ensure it is safe then signal and move to the centre of the road. Wait until there is a safe gap in the oncoming traffic and give a final look before completing the turn. It may be safer to wait until there is a safe gap or to dismount and push your bike across the road.
  • When cycling through a roundabout, you may feel safer walking your cycle around on the pavement or verge. If you decide to ride around, be aware that drivers may not easily see you, take extra care when cycling across exits, signal right to show you are not leaving the roundabout and watch out for vehicles crossing your path to leave or join the roundabout.

Your bike
All bikes must be fitted with front and rear lights and be in good working condition. Please ensure:

  • Tyres are properly inflated, have good tread and no signs of damage
  • Your seat is set at the right height
  • Your chain is not cracked, turns smoothly and moves easily between gears
  • You test your brakes are in good working order prior to the event
  • You bring any necessary repair equipment along with you

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