Remembered Forever Tribute FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Remembered Forever Tribute?

Remembered Forever is Rowcroft Hospice’s Tribute Fund scheme.  A tribute fund is a free online memorial website built by you and dedicated to the memory of your loved one, it can help all those affected by the loss to come together, sharing memories and supporting each other. A Remembered Forever Tribute Fund can be used by you, your family and your friends to collect memories, photos, videos and stories, light candles and fundraise in memory.

Whether you plan to use your tribute fund as a dedicated memorial or for fundraising, Rowcroft's Supporter Care team will be on hand to help you set up and make the most of your tribute page.

How do I set up my Remembered Forever Tribute?

It's very easy to create a Rowcroft Remembered Forever Tribute Fund; registering only takes a couple of minutes, and you'll need a valid email address and UK postal address to get started.

Once you are logged in, you can enter the name of the person you're celebrating, add photographs, videos and stories.

How do I share my Remembered Forever Tribute with friends and family?

Whether you’ve set up your Tribute as a way of storing memories and telling your loved one’s story or would like to raise funds through it, you may want to share it with friends and family or you may want to keep it just for you. You can control who sees your tribute and whether they can interact with the page.

When you're creating a Tribute you can add the email addresses of friends and family that you'd like notified and they will receive an email about the page.

If you do want to share your tribute page with as many people as possible, you can also copy and paste the web address and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I tell my friends and family about my page?

Simply log into your administration area to email your friends and family using your email tool.

The Tribute Fund Officer can help you with ideas and suggestions about promoting your page if that is what you wish.

What can I do once my Tribute is set up and friends and family are notified?

As the person who has set up the fund, once you're logged in, you will be able to: 

  • write journal entries
  • add significant dates
  • upload photographs
  • make donations
  • delete any Visitors' Book entries that have been written by visitors to the site and which you feel are inappropriate.

You and anyone who visits your page will be able to: 

  • write in the Visitors' Book
  • make donations
  • set up a regular monthly donation to mark a special date such as a birthday or anniversary.
  • light candles in memory of your loved one
  • set up event funds that support your tribute, for any event and/or occasion where you or they would like to make a collection for the fund. So, if someone in your family is getting married or one of your friends is running a marathon, or hosting a coffee morning, they can set up their own event fund and all the money that they raise through their event will be credited into the tribute fund you have set up. You can find more ideas on the Rowcroft website.

How will your Remembered Forever Tribute help Rowcroft?

Every pound raised for your Tribute Fund comes directly to Rowcroft.

It costs £19,000 each day to provide all of Rowcroft’s services both here at the hospice and out in the community. A day on the Inpatient Unit costs £780 and our Rowcroft Hospice at Home service cost an average of £1700 per patient.

With your help we can make every day the best possible day.

Can I change the page later?

It's easy to update your page. Just log in and you can use the admin area to change:

  • the main message
  • journal entries
  • photographs
  • your password or email address

You can also email more friends and family at any time from your tribute fund.

Can I add offline donations to my fund?

Yes. Please email with the amount of your offline donation, and the message you would like to appear with it and we will add it onto the fund for you. This can be useful in keeping track of all of your fundraising efforts.  

What about security?

Your tribute page is extremely safe. You will be using a secure connection to create your fund and a password-protected account will be set up for you to make any changes.

Can I fundraise for events on my main Tribute Fund page?

The best way to fundraise for events through tribute funds is to set up an additional events page, linked through from the main tribute fund page. You can do this by clicking on the 'fundraise by doing an event' button in the bottom right hand corner of your tribute fund page.

You can take part in a Rowcroft Hospice event or you can create your own fundraising event that reflects the interests and values of your loved one.

You can set up as many events pages as you like, and all of them will be raising money towards your main fund. This also helps us give you the right support for your fundraising. 

How can I grow my Tribute?

Tribute Funds are often started with donations made instead of flowers at the funeral. It can be really rewarding to see your fund grow and there are lots of ways to contribute to it.

You might like to make a donation at special times of year, like birthdays and anniversaries, or a make monthly gift by direct debit.

You could hold an event to celebrate the life of your loved one – a special occasion such as a charity ball, coffee morning or sports tournament.  Or you could take part in a challenge to honour their memory, like running a marathon or climbing a mountain.

You can do something that is completely personal to you and it is up to you, your family and friends how and when you choose to contribute to the Fund.

Our team will always be on hand to talk though your ideas and give you advice, as well as provide information and materials to support you.

Donations of any size can be incorporated into your Tribute Fund.  If donations have already been made to Rowcroft Hospice in memory of this person, these can also be added to your Fund.

Where can I get collection envelopes for a funeral?

You can contact the Tribute Fund Officer on 01803 217642 or email to request collection envelopes.

Where can I get some assistance?

We are here to help and support you in whatever way we can, whether it’s setting up your Tribute, adding a family photo or music or suggesting fundraising ideas. Email or call 01803 217642 for help and advice.

You are also welcome to call the Fundraising Team on 01803 210800.





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