Preparing to come to the Inpatient Unit

How will I get to the Unit?

This will be discussed with you when an admission to the Unit is offered. If you are able to make your own travel arrangements that will be fine, if not then transport will be arranged for you.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your own toiletries, nightwear, day clothes, slippers and shoes. It is important that you have things that are familiar to you, so you are also welcome to bring in any photos or personal effects that are important to you.

Please bring with you any medicines, dressings and any other items relating to treatments you may be having at home, such as; tube feeds, feed pumps, purex/rocket drains and anything else relevant to your care.

If you are unsure about what to bring, please speak to the Inpatient Unit for further advice by calling 01803 210800

We are very happy for you to use your mobile phone on the ward but please remember to bring your charger, as we do not have these available. Please set this to a quiet setting before arriving at the Inpatient Unit.

We provide mains powered electrical items such as radios, televisions and hair dryers so don’t worry about these.

Please try not to bring large amounts of money or valuables with you as we cannot easily store these for you.

Will I be allowed to smoke?

Although there is a no smoking policy inside the buildings at Rowcroft, there is a smoking area available for patients only. There is a designated smoking area outside for you and your family, but smoking should be restricted to this area.

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