Caring for your family and friends at the IPU

When can my friends and family visit me?

There are no strict visiting times in the Unit; we will always try to be flexible to meet your needs.

It is very helpful, however, if your family could avoid the busy times early in the morning and try to arrive after 11am. Meal times are always very busy and so we ask that if at all possible friends could avoid these times. Family will of course be welcome to stay throughout the day and evening.

We ask that all visitors let our ward clerk know that they have arrived at the Unit. Our staff will then check that you are able to see visitors, sometimes you might be very tired and not be up to having visitors. If this is the case we will politely ask your family or friends to return later.

Is there parking available for my visitors?

We have a free car park for your visitors.

Is there a restaurant for my visitors to get a meal?

Unfortunately we have no dining room for relatives and friends, nor, except in certain circumstances, are we able to provide meals for family and friends to buy. However, your family is very welcome to bring in a ‘take away’ meal to eat themselves or share with you.

In certain circumstances we may be able to offer the facilities for your family to stay overnight. This would need to be discussed with a member of the nursing staff in advance.

Will I be able to see my pet?

It can be arranged for your pet to visit you if you would like, but please discuss this with a member of the team.


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