The Bereavement Service is an important part of the holistic care Rowcroft provides to its patients and families and offers emotional and psychological support to bereaved individuals.

Grieving is a natural response to the death of someone important and can be one of the most difficult experiences that people face. Family and friends are an important source of support but sometimes people may need the extra support of people who understand what they are experiencing.

Loss is a personal experience and each person will require a different level of help, therefore, our bereavement service offers a variety of support.

Who can use our service?
Bereavement support is free of charge and is available for family members and carers of anyone who was being supported by Rowcroft before their death. There is no time limit on accessing our support and you can contact us for help at any time, even if the person close to you died some time ago

The Support We Offer:

  • One to One Support
    This support involves face to face meetings with one of our Bereavement Volunteers who will meet with you in your own home or in the Out Patients Unit at Rowcroft. Up to ten sessions are available which usually last an hour and are arranged at a frequency to suit you – some individuals choose weekly meetings whilst others prefer them to be less frequent. Bereavement Volunteers are not counsellors but have been trained by Rowcroft in how to offer confidential support to bereaved individuals.  This support allows you to talk through thoughts and feelings that you may find difficult to express to family or friends and develop strategies to cope with your feelings.
  • Group Support
    Some individuals prefer to meet, and gain support from, others who are in a similar situation. Our support group meets fortnightly in Rowcroft’s Out Patients Unit and offers a caring, supportive and confidential atmosphere in which bereaved people can share their experiences. You are welcome to attend the group for up to 15 months from the date of your first meeting and the Bereavement Co-ordinator will contact you at 3 monthly intervals to ensure the group is meeting your needs.
  • Counselling
    For a small number of bereaved individuals neither one to one, nor the bereavement group, provides the level of support needed. Rowcroft is able to offer more specific support via a small team of volunteer counsellors.

Accessing the Service
If you require any help concerning bereavement and the help we can offer you please ring the Bereavement Service 24 hour answerphone on 01803 217403 and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

The need to respect confidentiality is understood by all our staff and volunteers and they will respect your confidentiality within the boundaries of Rowcroft Hospice's organisational policies.

Remembering Someone Special
In addition to the services set out above Rowcroft also holds memorial events to provide meaningful occasions for remembering someone. Details of these can be found at by visiting our In Memoriam web page here.

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