Patients, Families & Friends

Patients, Families and Friends

Rowcroft Hospice provides a wide range of services, without charge, to support and care for you, whether you are a patient living with a progressive life-limiting illness, a relative or a friend.

Our services are available in a variety of locations, to suit your needs. This may be in your home, our purpose built outpatient centre, a community satellite centre or our inpatient unit.

Patient and family feedback

We value and encourage feedback from all who experience our services. We use iWantGreatCare to collect feedback and you can do this online, asking our staff for a feedback form or downloading on eof the following forms:

Feedback form for the Inpatient Team

Feedback form for the Complementary Therapy

Feedback form for the Community Team

Please pass your form back to a member of staff once completed. 

Your Voice - Inspiring Change

Your Voice was formed in October 2013 under the name of the Rowcroft User Advisory Group. The name was changed in February 2018 to better reflect the role of the group.

Feedback from patients, carers, friends and family members is generally very positive. Through Your Voice, feedback can be used to help the hospice continually improve and change to meet the demands of the community.

Your Voice members give their time freely but certain out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed.

Your Voice is a small group of people including patients, carers, friends and family members who have an experience of Rowcroft hospice.

New members are always welcome whether it be one off attendance at a meeting to provide feedback, one to one meeting with an existing Your Voice member to provide feedback or more medium to long term commitment.

Your Voice is an advisory group and its members:

  • Comment upon the services provided by the hospice
  • Help improve and extend the services provided
  • Raise awareness locally of the services provided by the Hospice
  • Promote dialogue between staff, patients, carers, friends and relatives
  • Enables patients, carers, friends and relatives to express open and honest opinions
  • Assist and advise staff in working towards improving quality assurances
  • Assist with the quality assurance initiatives such as the patient, carer and staff surveys

Your Voice aims to gather information from patients, carers, friends and relatives and act as representatives in sharing or addressing issues with Rowcroft Hospice Senior Management.

Your Voice invites representatives from Rowcroft Hospice Senior Management as and when required.

When and Where

Your Voice meets every month on a Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm at Rainbow House within Rowcroft Hospice grounds.

What Do I Do Now?

Please use the form below to learn more about the work of Your Voice and/or express an interest in joining.

You can also use this form if you don’t want to join Your Voice but want to provide some feedback.

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