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# PAINTBALL COMPETITION: This game is professionally run and you can organise challenges to raise funds where people contribute to your funds.

PANCAKE RACES: Shrove Tuesday is full of Pancake races through many towns. Why not organise pancake races at work, school or in your shopping centre? Ask for sponsorship from teams and donations from spectators.

PANTOMIME: Christmas is the time for Panto and this gives every organisation the chance to perform and entertain its supporters.

# PARACHUTE JUMP: Another idea for the daredevils of fund raising! This method of fund raising is definitely not for the faint hearted and most funds are raised through individual sponsorship.

PARTIES: Parties, parties and more parties. There are so many variations of parties that every party can have a different theme. Many parties can be organised in order to raise funds either by charging an entrance fee or by having other activities within the party.

# PICNIC IN THE PARK: Raise funds by adding other activities to the picnic.

PITCH AND PUT: A variation on the Golf tournament that can include inexperienced players

PUB CRAWL: Not for the faint hearted or the under 18’s, be sure to warn all the pubs that you are coming, they may organise activities around your arrival to raise further funds.


# QUIZZES: Everyone loves a quiz and they are great fundraisers. Holding a quiz on a regular weekly basis in your local pub or community centre or sports club will keep a consistent flow of funds coming in. Many public houses are willing to support this type of event as it also brings them custom as well.


# RACE NIGHT: Race nights bring a whole new meaning to horse racing. Many companies organise the whole evening or just supply the props. The "punter" places their bet on a horse and after all the bets are place, the race is run on a large screen. The people who bet on the winning horse take their winnings and another races starts. There are normally around eight races a night and there are now variations on the theme including greyhound racing and motor sports.

# RAFT RACE: A group of teams complete in a raft race over a set distance. Part of the challenge is to

# REGATTA: This is the perfect part of the world to organise a regatta, either on the river or sea, serious or fun.


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