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Rowcroft joins plea to reduce tipping costs for South Devon charity shops

14 October 2015

Rowcroft Hospice is calling on those who generously donate items to its charity shops to consider whether or not their items are in a saleable condition before making their donation.

Their plea follows a piece on BBC’s The One Show on Wednesday 13 October, in which presenter Dominic Littlewood highlighted the large costs charity shops face tipping items that are unsaleable due to being in bad condition.

Animals in Distress has also recently spoken out about its £12,700 tipping costs following the introduction of a full charge for charities who need to dispose of unsaleable items.

Caroline Wannell, Retail Manager for Rowcroft Hospice, explained: “More than 70% of Rowcroft’s income comes from the local community and a substantial proportion of that is generated by Rowcroft’s shops, so we are incredibly grateful to all those who donate stock to us.

“However, because of the new charges we now have to pay large sums of money for the disposal of unsaleable items.

“We do try to upcycle as much as possible and are able to scrap materials such as metals to generate additional income, but when items are donated that are soiled, badly damaged or no longer work we have no choice but to tip them.”

Last year the hospice had to pay almost £15,000 in tipping costs.

Caroline added: “The money raised by Rowcroft’s shops is a vital source of income for the hospice and helps to support thousands of local families who are facing some of the most challenging days of their lives.

“Having to pay large tipping costs is taking vital funds away from the hospice.

“We would ask that all those who are generously donating items to us check that they are in good working order and in a saleable condition before making their donation.

“By doing so, they will help us to reduce our tipping costs and ensure we are able to gain as much value as possible from their kind donations.”

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