Make or update your Will during Rowcroft's Make a Will Week

15 April 2016

Rowcroft Hospice is urging all those who need to make or update their Will to do so during Make a Will Week, from 16th - 20th May.

During the week, 25 solicitors across South Devon unite to support Rowcroft, agreeing to donate 100% of the fee they'd normally charge for making or updating a Will directly to the hospice.

Michelle Carey, Make a Will Week Co-ordinator, explained: "Gifts left to Rowcroft in people's WIlls make up one quarter of the income Rowcroft receives every year, helping to make every day the best possible day for thousands of people living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon.

"During Make a Will Week we have the opportunity to raise additional funds, as solicitors agree to donate their Will-making and updating fees to Rowcroft; the suggested minimum donation is £100 for a single Will or £150 for mirror Wills and 100% of the money is donated to Rowcroft.

"Last year our Make a Will Week campaign raised an amazing £24,275 for Rowcroft."

People in the South West are among the highest number in the country to have a Will, but Michelle would urge all those who are still to make or update theirs, to book an appointment with their solicitor as soon as possible.

She said: "Making a Will ensures your loved ones are supported in the years to come and prevents the law from determining who inherits your property, possessions and savings."

"Making a Will also gives you the opportunity to consider remembering Rowcroft, or another charity of your choice, in your Will."

Jasmine Evans left a gift to Rowcroft in her Will during 2015's Make a Will Week.

She explained: "My husband Brian passed away in Rowcroft in October after battling with Multiple Myeloma for ten years; the care and support he received in that time was wonderful.

"Since I've tried to support the hospice as much as I can and last year I took part in Rowcroft's Make a Will Week when I decided to leave a gift in my Will to the hospice; a painless way of helping Rowcroft in the future."

To take part in Make a Will Week and ensure your family's future is secure, you simple need to book an appointment with your local solicitor, mentioning Rowcroft's Make a Will Week.

At your appointment you will need to provide information necessary to write your Will and make your donation to Rowcroft.

A full list of participating solicitors can be found on Rowcroft's website,

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