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Hospice bid to increase Rowcroft Lottery players

05 February 2016

Rowcroft is encouraging South Devon residents to help raise additional income for their local hospice by signing up for the Rowcroft Lottery.

In a bid to increase the number of Rowcroft Lottery players, representatives of the lottery will be out in South Devon in shops and residential areas telling local people about the lottery and the difference their support can make.

Julie Fletcher, Lottery Co-ordinator, said: “Rowcroft’s Lottery provides a vital source of income to the hospice, helping to make every day the best day possible for patients and families living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon.

“We hope that by asking our lottery representatives to talk to people face-to-face about what a difference they could make by playing the lottery, we will help to raise awareness of the amazing moments that happen here and how lottery players help to make them possible.”

Last year the Rowcroft Lottery raised a net profit of £267,000 for the hospice, which helped to support more than 2200 patients who received Rowcroft’s care, as well as thousands more of their friends and family.

Lizzie Morris’s husband is currently being cared for by the hospice’s Community Team and said: “Rowcroft Hospice is a place of outstanding care and devotion to the patient and everyone who loves them.

“Each and every member of staff is special in their own way; we don’t know how we would manage my husband’s illness without them.”

Players can sign up to the Lottery for only £1 per week and will be entered into a prize draw that makes them more likely to win £1000 than on the National Lottery.

Julie added: “All Lottery players are entered into a weekly draw to win one of 33 prizes, including a guaranteed first prize of £1000, a second rollover jackpot that can be anything from £200 - £3000 and a third prize of £100. A further 30 £10 prize winners are also awarded every week.”

Rowcroft’s Lottery representatives will be spreading the word from February. For more information and to register for Rowcroft’s Lottery today, visit or call 01803 210842

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