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Help your local hospice raise thousands by signing up for Rowcroft Shops Gift Aid scheme

22 October 2014

Rowcroft’s retail team are hoping to raise thousands more pounds for the hospice every year by encouraging people to sign up for its Retail Gift Aid scheme during Gift Aid Week, from 25 October – 2 November.

Over the last six months alone, sales of Gift Aided items in Rowcroft’s shops have generated an additional £45,000 for the hospice.

Now the retail team is hoping its week-long campaign will encourage more people to register for the scheme, and raise thousands more to support the vital care the hospice provides for people with life-limiting illnesses throughout South Devon.

Retail Development Manager Caroline Wannell explains: “Rowcroft is able to claim Gift Aid on items sold in our shops that have been donated by people registered with Retail Gift Aid. This is because we are selling the items on the Gift Aider’s behalf, enabling us to claim tax back, just as if they had made a monetary donation.

“Retail Gift Aid means we can claim 25% back from the tax man on everything we sell, so for every one pound an item sells for, we get an extra 25p. However, it is separate to regular Gift Aid, so only works if people register themselves as Retail Gift Aiders before donating goods.”

Since August this year the hospice has received more than 43,000 Gift Aided items, which have helped to generate the hospice’s additional £45,000 income.

However, a further 153,000 items have been donated by people not registered with Gift Aid since August, losing the hospice thousands of pounds in unclaimed Gift Aid.

Caroline added: “Becoming a Retail Gift Aider for Rowcroft is incredibly simple. Donors simply need to complete a form in one of our 13 shops and they’ll receive a card and unique Gift Aid number to use every time they make a donation of goods to our shops.

“If everyone who donated goods to us registered as a Gift Aider we’d be able raise tens of thousands more for the hospice, at no extra cost to the person who donates the goods, or us!”

Every Capital Gains and Income Tax payer in the UK is eligible to sign up to become a Retail Gift Aider, but must ensure they are registered with every charity to which they donate goods.

All those who sign up for Rowcroft’s Gift Aid scheme will also be automatically enrolled in the hospice’s Rowcroft Rewards loyalty scheme, enabling them to earn reward points on everything they spend in store, and receive other exclusive benefits available to Rowcroft Rewards card holders.

Sign up to become a Rowcroft shops Gift Aider in any of the hospice’s 13 shops across South Devon today, or for more information visit

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