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Bruce Rowland musical memorabilia raises hundreds for Rowcroft

27 October 2015

A bass guitar belonging to drummer Bruce Rowland who passed away at Rowcroft earlier this year has been auctioned off by the Fairport Convention, raising £775 for the hospice.

Bruce, who played for Joe Cocker at Woodstock, got a Gold Disc for his recording of Sir Tim Rice’s Jesus Christ Superstar and spent years as a drummer for Fairport Convention, died at Rowcroft at the end of June.

The accomplished musician, who lived in Brixham with his wife Barbara, has also donated a drum to the hospice.

The drum is due to be auctioned on the hospice’s eBay site from Monday 9 November.

Barbara said: “From the moment we stepped foot in the door of Rowcroft I only have fond memories.

“Bruce was elated to be so well looked after and it was his wish to help raise funds and awareness of the hospice’s work.”

Bruce’s Riverhead bass guitar and amp was auctioned by Fairport Convention in October, and the band’s ex-fiddler, Dave Swarbrick, raised a further £250 for Rowcroft by selling the signature of singer Sandy Denny on eBay.

The band’s bassist, Dave Pegg, said: “My dear friend Bruce Rowland was not only a great drummer but also a fab bass player. I gave him the Riverhead bass that was auctioned for Rowcroft in the 80s and he asked for it to be auctioned to raise funds for the hospice, where he spent his last days.

“I am very pleased that the winning bid was £775.”

The Irish hand drum donated to the hospice by Bruce has a goat skin head and is played with a double headed stick. The drum was decorated by Bruce and played at home for his pleasure.

Caroline Wannell, Retail Manager for Rowcroft, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Barbara and Bruce for donating such a precious item to us for auction.

“Every pound raised by its sale will help us to support patients and
families facing incredibly difficult times in our local community to share more precious moments together.”

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