Make a donation

For more details about any of the ways to raise vital funds for the hospice listed below, please get in touch with the fundraising team:

Tel: 01803 217628

Foreign and old coins

Did you know your unwanted euros, European notes and coins, other foreign notes and coins, pre-decimal notes and coins, old decimal 50p, 10p, 5p and half-penny coins can be turned into cash for the hospice? To donate old coins and notes, please take them to your nearest Rowcroft shop or send direct to the hospice.

Take a collection box

We can never get enough of our Rowcroft collection boxes out in the community. Each one helps to raise awareness of our work, as well as generating much needed funds.

If you can help place and collect boxes in your local area, or if you are able to take a box for your business or organisation we would love to hear from you. We also have cardboard collection boxes that can be sent out in the post for use at home - it's somewhere to put all that annoying loose change!

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