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Why I left a gift to Rowcroft

Bernards Story...

Bernard has remembered Rowcroft in his Will so that in future, his gift can help others to receive the same care and support that he and his wife Sylvie received.

"Sylvie was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer in September 2015. She went for scans early December and on 23 December had an operation. She was told she wasn’t fit enough for chemotheraphy, so she made the decision to spend her last Christmas at home. By 9pm on Christmas Eve she was home, shortly followed by the Hospice at Home team at 9.10pm who must have visited 12-15 times over the following days.

“They were simply wonderful and amazing. Sylvie was never uncomfortable and I never lost sleep. They reassured me that they were doing everything possible to soothe Sylvie.

"Her pain was being controlled and I was able to talk to her right up until mid-morning on Christmas Day, at which point things started to change. Hospice at Home continued with their care in making her comfortable and pain free so that when the family visited she was very sleepy, but at 7pm she was able to tell her son 'I love you'”.

Bernard recently changed his Will following Sylvie’s passing to include a residuary gift to Rowcroft in her memory. His reason for doing this was to show his appreciation for the care that Sylvie received and the support that was given to him and the rest of the family. 

“During one of Rowcroft's visits, Sylivie had lapsed into a deep sleep and I asked one of the nurses named Marcus how he thought things would go.

"He replied 'It’s difficult to tell but we will do whatever we can to keep her pain free and comfortable, but rest assured you are doing everything right mate'.

"That single use of the word “mate” instead of Bernard, just showed so much compassion and comfort at that time, which was typical of all the Rowcroft nurses who came to help Sylvie".

For further questions or information about including a gift in your Will to Rowcroft, please contact our Legacy Officer Linda Pearce by emailing or call 01803 217405.

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