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Why do I need a Will?

  • To ensure your loved ones are supported and any family circumstances, such as births, marriages and divorces, are considered as you wish.
  • To give direction to your Executors so they know where to take your belongings.
  • To make your wishes for your funeral arrangements known.
  • To leave a gift to Rowcroft, or another charity of your choice.

What if I don’t have a Will?

If you die without a Will, the law determines who inherits your property, possessions and savings.  This means your wishes may not be met and family members, friends or chosen charities may not receive a gift as you had wished. It is important to write a Will if you would like to offer specific gifts to specific people. You are able to update your Will as little or as often as you like by making a Codicil, so you can opt in or out of leaving a gift to Rowcroft at any time.

How to make a Will?

You can make a Will at any time and we recommend you consult a solicitor to make sure that all the legal formalities are covered and that your Will is valid. We are supported by 26 local South Devon solicitors who would be happy to assist you in making a Will. Please contact your chosen solicitor directly to make an appointment.

Bovey Tracey

Nash & Co Solicitors LLP - 01626 830264

WBW Solicitors - 01626 833263


Luisa Nicholson - 01803 850850  

Roger Richards - 01803 854123 


Wollen Michelmore - 01803 832191  


Kitsons - 01392 455555          

Tozers LLP - 01392 207020 

Newton Abbot

Linnitts Solicitors - 01626 333380  

Quality Solicitors Dunn & Baker - 01626 330127          

Tozers LLP - 01626 207020  

WBW - 01626 202404  

Wollen Michelmore - 01626 332266  


Fortress Hassall - 01803 896821     

Gowmans - 01803 546100 

Knapman & Co - 01803 522700           

Michael W Pipe - 01803 559746

Roger Richards - 01803 845191 


Kitsons - 01752 603040 


Scott Richards - 01626 772441 

Tozers LLP - 01626 772376


Boyce Hatton LLP - 01803 403403 

Kitsons - 01803 202020   

Somerville & Savage - 01803 312700

WBW - 01803 202404            

Wollen Michelmore - 01803 213251 


Bartons Solicitors - 01803 847777  

Windeatts Solicitors - 01803 862233 

We understand that including a gift to Rowcroft in your Will is a significant decision and therefore would be delighted to arrange a visit to the hospice for you to see for yourself the great work that goes on or offer you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and questions with our Legacy Officer.

For frequently asked questions about leaving a gift click here.

For a full glossary of terms, used by the legal profession click here.

For more information on our Make a Will Week, click here.

For further questions or information about making or updating your Will or to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact our Legacy Officer Linda Pearce by emailing or call 01803 217405.

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