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GARAGE SALE: A garage sale is a good way to raise some quick money. Clear out the garage, shed and attic of all of your unwanted goods. It is very important to check that any member of your family or housemates no longer needs the items you are selling first!

GARDEN PARTY: An open garden or garden party is a very sociable occasion to raise funds. Either sell ticket to a strawberries and cream garden party or hold an open garden to encourage people to visit the garden and make a donation.

GARDENING: Offer a service for gardening. This may be as simple as lawn cutting or patio cleaning or you may be able to provide a more complete service.

GLAMOROUS GRAN: Organise a competition throughout the community to find the most glamorous granny. Charge for entry and get local hairdressers and beauty salons to donate a prize. Can be publicised through a local newspaper.

GIVE UP SMOKING: Get sponsored for a long-term goal, it will make you more determined to give up and keep it up!


HALLOWEEN PARTY: Plenty of traditional party games can be played including bobbing apples and trick or treats.

HEAD SHAVE: Just for the brave! A very quick, but often immensely successful way of raising funds.

HOOK A DUCK: Traditional fair game where the competitor hooks a duck that has a number on the bottom of it.

HOOPLA: Traditional fair game where the competitor throws hoops over prizes.

HOUSEHOLD SALE: From the same stable as the garage sale this can either be ran from home or you can organise it in a local hall - a jumble sale without the clothes!


INDOOR MARKET: Creating a market offers local traders the opportunity to set up a stall outside their normal shops with your organisation taking a cut of the takings or a rent for each stall.

IRONING: Everybody hates it! Charge people to do their ironing. Charge per item or per bundle.

# IT'S A KNOCKOUT: A revival of the 80's game show where teams compete in the most ridiculous games in the most ridiculous costumes. This will make you laugh and raise a few eyebrows as well as funds! Perfect as a family fun-day for your company or sports club.

INTER-PUB COMPETITION: Football, pool, tug of war, raft race, flying machine, Christmas lights- it’s all about fun!

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