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DARTS MATCH: Put out the challenge to all the pub teams in the area to compete in a tournament for cash prizes, or a barrel of beer!

DISCO: A disco can be a addition to another event or an event in its own right. Discos also appeal to a wide range of ages and can often cater for a wide range of musical tastes. You even theme your disco to make it a little more interesting with a Madonna night, or Wham night for example.

DOG SHOW: A dog show is the perfect opportunity for people to show off their pets. You could also run a competition to see which owners look most like their pets. Try to get a local pet shop to sponsor the occasion and donate prizes

DOMINOS: Record breaking dominos can by built by anyone, charge an entrance fee to the main attraction


EASTER EGG HUNT: Children of all ages love Easter Eggs and having to hunt them out creates a great game of hide and seek. Charge people to enter the hunt. Try to get sponsorship from local sweet shops or chocolate manufacturers to donate prizes.

EATING MARATHON: A marathon can take many forms and an eating marathon is no exception. You may want to rise to your challenge of eating a marathon of one food, (maybe cold baked beans,) or seeing how long you can eat for! A visit to a local burger bar and trying to eat everything on the menu is always a marathon that burger lovers enjoy! Sponsorship from restaurants may help cover costs for this one.

# ENDURANCE CHALLENGE: get sponsored by your colleagues, friends and family to carry out a challenge, make sure it pushes you, the harder the challenge is, the more sponsorship you will get. Be realistic though – you don’t get the sponsorship money if you can’t do it

EYEBROWS: Shave them off for a fee or sponsorship. They will grow back – eventually!


FANCY DRESS: Kids love it. Adults love it! Dressing up in fancy dress can add fun to any event, and holding a fancy dress competition for children is an excellent money-spinner.

FASHION SHOW: Many local businesses will support a fashion show in aid of charities and local organisations. The business uses it as an opportunity to promote themselves and enjoy good local promotion by supporting such events. Any sales made on the day should include a commission to you and displays too, as well as an area for advice. Further sideshows will add to the amount raised.

# FIVE A SIDE: Set up pub teams, business teams or village teams and organise a tournament at your local sports field.

FOREIGN COINS: Many people now travel abroad and although banks are willing to exchange notes, they are not interested in coins. Ask friends, family and colleagues to gather their coins left over from their holidays and give them to you. Once you have a substantial amount, change it into sterling to aid your fundraising.

# FUN DAY: Organise fun, games and entertainment for your colleagues at your local sports club. These can incorporate tradition fete games, bouncy castles or event inflatable Sumo wrestlers!

FUN RUN: Enter into your local fun run, get sponsored and get training! You could even do it in a silly costume.

FURNITURE SALE: Organise a furniture sale in a large hall and take a commission from the price of the sale. In addition, you can also sell donated items of furniture and surplus office equipment.

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