Why didn't the Colour Rush receive more facebook conversions?



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Why didn't the Colour Rush receive more facebook conversions?

08 November 2013 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

facebook Conversions: the concept of converting facebook fans into paying customers

At Rowcroft we're keen to embrace the latest digital trends, particularly if it means we can engage a wider community to help spread the word about the work the hospice carries out. For example, we were one of the first hospice's in the UK to utilise Vine, even beating some of the nationals - if it's digital and it can help our cause we're keen to investigate its potential.

This year we launched our newest fundraising event, the Colour Rush; a 5K paint run and an evening of live music, which included, We Are The Ocean. With the demand for hospice care rising rapidly it's important that we educate a variety of age groups - and the Colour Rush was an opportunity to do just that, a chance to reach-out to a much younger audience.

When we [the communications and marketing team] started discussing the marketing of the Colour Rush, we knew we'd be focussing heavily upon an online campaign. But we had to be careful about what social media channels we utilised as we wanted to reach the widest audience possible and play to the hospice's strengths. At Rowcroft we've always had an excellent record of engagement via our facebook pages and it was decided early on that a Colour Rush facebook page would be the backbone of our marketing campaign.
However, facebook alone wasn't enough, we also utilised Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram to help elevate awareness of the event and engage the younger demographic sought.

The digital campaign was a great success, in the space of five months we created a facebook fanbase of 2,800 and over 1.2 million impressions were created by 728,096 unique users.

The pages top 3 demographics were:

13-17 year olds accounted for 37% of the pages' fans
18-24 year olds accounted for 28% of the pages' fans
25-34 year olds accounted for 18% of the pages' fans

The campaign also featured some of the highest levels of engagement of any of the pages administered by Rowcroft Hospice (to-date), for instance, during the campaign 6,211 unique users created 8,313 Stories* and we had a total of 3,116 content Likes. We had successfully targeted a much younger demographic and engaged them. This was achieved through creative copy, fun and visually arresting images and video, PPC advertising and a range of facebook's paid promotions...

However, the information supplied by SeeTickets indicated a far smaller proportion of our customers (who attended the event) heard about the Colour Rush via facebook. So overall, we created an active and engaged fan-base and the event itself was a success, but a large proportion of our facebook fans didn't convert to paying customers. Why?

So now we're looking to our online communities to ask why? Tickets were £25pp, was that too much? Was it unclear what the event was? How could the content Shared across facebook and our other social media channels have been improved? What are your suggestions? Did we overfill your Newsfeed or did we not post with enough frequency? Or was it the music or perhaps the run? Whatever your thoughts, we'd like to hear them, whether you comment here or on the Colour Rush facebook page.

As the hospice develops we want to be at the forefront, not just for the care we provide, but also for our digital communications, because without our supporters we couldn't provide the care we do and the importance of digital comms will only increase with each passing year.

Simon Key
Digital Marketing Officer

*A story is created on facebook when a user likes a Page, posts to a Page's Wall, responds to a question, RSVP's to an event, mentions the Page, Phototags the Page, Checks in, Likes or comments on/Shares a Page post.

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