The Sleep Walk 2015 Four Week Training Programme


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The Sleep Walk 2015 Four Week Training Programme

15 May 2015 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

Signed up to take part in this year's Wild West-themed Sleep Walk and raise vital funds for your local hospice?

Whether you're an experienced walker or a boot stompin' beginner, it's not long before the big event, so it's important to do some pre-race practice and get your body and mind ready for your 5 or 10k night walk.

Why not start with our four week training programme?

Week One
Try walking 15 minutes every day over five days at an easy, low-level pace. Spread out your rest days, such as making day three a rest day and day six a rest day. Building consistency is key to your training.

Week Two
Add five minutes a day so you are walking for 20 minutes over four days a week. Make your fifth day all about mileage, seeing what distance you can cover with a 30 minute walk.

Week Three
Add five minutes a day to your routine, so you are walking 25 minutes over four days a week. When you reach your fifth walking day, walk for 45 minutes. By now you should be aiming to walk at a moderate determined pace, and be able to carry on a full conversation while walking and not be out of breath!

Week Four
Add five minutes a day so you're walking 30 minutes over your four days a week. Try and walk at a moderate pace increasing to a 60 minute walk on your fifth day.

Barbara's Boot Stompin' Training Tips

    1. Fit walking into your everyday life; take the stairs rather than the lift, or walk instead of getting the bus.

    1. Wear your gear in, especially if you've bought new trainers or walking boots.

    1. Take on those hills - getting some inclines and descents into your training will be beneficial.

    1. Remember my five step rule: warm up, stretch, walk, cool down, stretch. 5. Keep hydrated; a 3% drop in hydration leads to a 10% drop in energy levels.

    1. Look for walking shoes with flexible soles and low heels.

    1. Keep your eye on the weather and dress accordingly.

    1. Petroleum jelly and talcum powder are great lubricants for areas prone to blistering!

    1. Experiment with socks and wash them at least once before wearing.

    1. Spend some time with your fellow walkers and make sure you fit in some pre-training together.

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