The Oarsome Buoys row the Atlantic


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The Oarsome Buoys row the Atlantic

05 January 2016 Posted by Editor

The Oarsome Buoys, Shaun Pedley and Ryan Barter, are rowing an amazing 3,000 nautical miles from La Gomera, Gran Canaria, to Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua an in aid of Rowcroft. 

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the world’s toughest rowing race and consists of around 30 crews of soloists, pairs and teams of four. We will be documenting Shaun and Ryan's journey with new images each time they contact us, so keep checking back here for updates!

July 2015: Shaun and Ryan handing Hayley, Senior Community Fundraising Officer at Rowcroft Hospice, one of their many cheques throughout their year of training and fundraising. 

July 2015: The "Buoys" getting in training before the race starts.

16/12/2015: They will be flying the Rowcroft flag on their epic journey across the Atlantic.

18/12/2015: Ryan and Shaun ready to embark on their challenge.

05/01/2016: The buoys have been rowing fast, travelling 1,000 miles in just 15 days. They're currently in fourth place. 


01/02/2016: We haven't heard from the buoys in a few weeks, but they're nearly there now...just 37NM to go!

03/02/2016: 01:03 and The Oarsome Buoys have just crossed the finish line! Congratulations guys!

03/02/2016: Taking them just 44 days, 14 hours and 43 minutes, The Oarsome Buoys have completed the epic 3000NM journey from Gran Canaria to Antigua.

04/02/2016: After some much needed rest and maybe a celebratory drink or two, the buoys head back to the boat to represent Rowcroft. Raising an amazing £3,412.75, we couldn't be more grateful for their hard work and determination!

If you would like to sponsor The Oarsome Buoys for their incredible challenge, please visit their JustGiving page today:

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