Sofa to 5k Fitness Tips


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Sofa to 5k Fitness Tips

18 August 2014 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

To help combat any nerves and fears you may have about reaching your 5k Colour Rush goal, fitness experts Danielle Coak and Jon Sims have revealed their top seven exercise-boosting tips.

Read on, work out and get ready to be turned into a human rainbow on Saturday 13 September!

Remember to warm up properly before each training session to reduce the risk of injury and mentally prepare yourself for your workout. You should set aside at least 10-15 minutes per session for a light pulse raiser, such as walking, and some gentle stretches.

Eat a balanced diet to keep yourself going throughout your workout. Upping your intake of carbohydrates before and after your workout is particularly important. Carbohydrates include:DJ2

- Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and aubergine
- Fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, peaches, grapefruit, berries, bananas and pineapple
- Wholemeal bread
- Cereals
- Pasta
- Beans
- Potatoes

These are essential to your diet as they will fuel your body, especially if you are going to be working out and running regularly. Water is also vital in order to stay hydrated, as you will loose a lot of fluid during your training. Staying hydrated will ensure you perform your best!

Cooling down after a session is just as important as warming up. Give your heart rate the chance to be brought down gradually by slowing it to a walking pace. Then end with a gentle stretch to relax the muscles and reduce the build up of lactic acid.

Varying your exercise regime will help to keep you motivated and improve your body's fitness levels. You can include a mixture of strength and endurance training in order to make your sessions a lot more enjoyable, and stop them becoming repetitive. You could try using a treadmill, bike or cross trainer. You may also want to look into joining a gym or running club where you will not only be able to improve your fitness, but also socialise and make friends. Running outside with a club is a great way to see some local sights and discover new routes, and exercising with others will make you feel more motivated to train, and could lead to new friendships!

Stick to a training plan (such as our Sofa to 5k), which will ensure you aren't over or under training. Following the plan will help you eliminate any unnecessary risks, such as injuries.
If you have any concerns, check with your doctor before you start training to make sure you are not at risk and are safe to take up exercise.DJ3

Finally, have fun and enjoy yourself, it doesn't all have to be hard work! Don't forget all the benefits that come with regular exercise;

- Helps keep your heart healthy
- Increases weight loss
- Keeps bones strong
- Encourages better sleep
- Aids stress relief
- Boosts your immune system

Good luck!

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