Rowcroft Staff Recommend Summer Reads


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Rowcroft Staff Recommend Summer Reads

15 August 2014 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

 Come on down to one of our 13 shops across South Devon and pick up your Summer Reads!

As part of Rowcroft Hospice Shops Summer Reads campaign, we asked four Rowcroft staff members to review their favourite holiday reads.

Here are their top recommendations!

Nicola Monks, Social Worker

A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern


What I really like about Cecelia Ahern's books is there are always flowing storylines and carefully crafted, believable characters, mixed in with a little bit of day dreaming fantasy and make believe magic. They are the perfect escape for long summer days.

The heroine in A Place Called Here is Sandy Shortt, a Dublin Private Detective who has a fascination with all things lost, triggered by the disappearance of a childhood friend when she was nine. Sandy becomes obsessed with finding the missing. Where do those odd socks go? How can people, sometimes whole groups of people, simply just vanish into thin air? What happens to 'things' when they are not where they should be?

The reader is then taken on a journey to an in between world where those that are lost are found and living their lives separately to our mortal world. Thought provoking, funny and heart warming - this is my perfect summer read.


Lee Player, Digital Marketing Officer

And the Mountains Echoed by Kaled Hosseini


Kaled Hosseini, bestselling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand SplendLeeid Suns has written another heart-wrenching novel about the hardship and tragedy siblings face at the prospect of a life-time of separation.

The book begins with a poor Afghan father telling his three-year-old daughter Pari, and ten-year-old son Abdullah a myth that later becomes a painful reality, tearing the siblings apart and leaving the reader yearning for the moment they are reunited.

At this point, you might be expecting an emotional story which unfolds the sibling's terrible suffering to be together again - but this is not the case. Hosseini digresses, creating a web of tales about how we love and take care of one-another, and how the choices we make can ripple through the generations of a family.

The story not only takes you on a 60 year journey through Afghan politics, but the network of characters and life stories he introduces weave back and forth through time and place, from Kabul to Paris, and America to the Greek island of Tinos. Although the ending is not as you would expect, every story that has been compressed into this novel is connected by an irresistible pull of yearning for reunion.


Heather Norman-Soderlind, Community Fundraising Manager

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith


The besHeathert summer read for me is a detective story and the latest Galbraith (AKA JK Rowling) is a cracker. Rowling needs no introduction as a first class storyteller and her second foray into the world of crime fiction is a real page-turner.

Her protagonist, Cormoran Strike, has the makings of a new Poirot with just the right mix of characterful traits - unkempt, limping from a 21st century war wound and a West Countryman to boot with a propensity for Doom Bar. An intriguing possible love interest is presented by his able assistant, Robin Ellacott, whose engagement to another man seems in peril throughout.

The plot moves along at a terrific pace with a wonderful cast of characters. Best of all though is the invocation of the streets of London, a tour de force. Sink into this book as into a warm bath and enjoy it as much as I did.

PS. I'm donating my copy to Rowcroft so keep an eye out, you might spot it in your local Rowcroft shop!


Debbie Barker, Complementary Therapist
The Cottage by the Sea by Carole Matthews


This book is as soothing as the ebb and flow of the tide, gently rocking your Debbiecares away. Chick lit by the Great British seaside, it a great holiday summer read; I read it over a weekend because I couldn't put it down!

It is a bitter sweet story of friendship, marriage and romance, and I loved the close bond the characters shared. The more I read the more I believed I was away with this mixed bag of personalities in their thirties, in a cottage on the coastline, with the wind in my hair and salt on my lips.

I laughed, sympathised and fell in love with Noah myself! Pure escapism, my heart strings were pulled with the twists and turns and I found the pages so easy to turn, full of holiday fun and years of friendship.

This is the first 'girlie' easy read by Carol Matthews I have read and I will definitely read some more. She has the gift of being able to bring people to life. When I finished the book I felt like running in to the sea to frolic in the surf, and now all I want is to do is rent a cottage by the sea with some fab friends.

Buy your Summer Read in one of Rowcroft's 13 shops across South Devon and you'll be helping to fund vital services and care for people living with life limiting illnesses in your community.

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