Rowcroft Shops Gift Aid Week is here!


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Rowcroft Shops Gift Aid Week is here!

29 October 2014 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

Gift Aid income is essential in all of our 13 shops, as it means whatever money we raise by selling donated goods we can increase by a quarter, simply by taking the details of customers!

 Some of our Totnes shop volunteers sporting our Gift Aid Week sashes!

Because it's so important, we are embarking on a campaign to sign up even more people up as Gift Aiders during Gift Aid Week, from 25th October - 1st November.

What is Retail Gift Aid?

You may or may not have seen our blog earlier this year explaining Gift Aid, but chances are you've heard of it. Retail Gift Aid basically means that whenever someone donates goods to Rowcroft, we can claim 25% back from the tax man when we sell that item. So for every £1 a customer spends buying the item, Rowcroft receives £1.25.

To put this into perspective, if we were to try and raise that additional income from other means, we might have to display 25% more product on the shop floor, or move to premises with 25% more floor space.

However, we can only claim an extra 25% if people who donate goods to Rowcroft sign up for the scheme. According to research, an estimated 67%of people in the UK who could Gift Aid still don't. At the moment, one in four items bought in our shops have been Gift Aided - so imagine what a difference it would make if it was three out of four, or all of those items, instead! You can help us get there by signing up to the scheme!

Retail Gift Aid Week

During Retail Gift Aid Week we would like to invite you to come into our shops to sign a Gift Aid form confirming that you're a UK taxpayer. Once registered, you'll receive a card with a personal Gift Aid number which you can show whenever donating goods to our shops or Donation Centres. It's that simple.

The benefits of Retail Gift Aid

There are many benefits to signing up for our Retail Gift Aid scheme, including:

- Raise more funds to support our vital work across South Devon, without having to donate cash
- Find out how much the goods you've donated to us have raised, as we'll provide you with details of how much tax has been claimed on your behalf - we won't spam you or pass your details onto 3rd parties, but we are required to let you know how much tax has been claimed on your behalf by law
- If you're on a higher tax bracket, you'll be able to claim a lower tax to the value of donations. For more information, see the HMRC's website.
- Your Gift Aid card will also work as a loyalty card, so you'll be able to claim points on everything you spend in-store as part of our Rowcroft Rewards loyalty scheme, as well as benefitting from exclusive offers and benefits for Rowcroft Rewards members

Important information

Please be aware that in our shops, only donations of your goods can be Gift Aided, not purchases. So why not have a clear out today and help to raise vital funds for your local hospice?

You can't sign-up online as we need a signature, so ask in store today to get started. To find out more, visit our Shops Gift Aid page and follow our Rowcroft Hospice Shops Facebook page for regular updates.

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