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Rowcroft Rewards – Rewarding You and Rowcroft

29 August 2014 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

Rowcroft-Rewards-Logo-editWhat is Rowcroft Rewards?

In July this year we introduced a brand new loyalty scheme to our 13 shops across South Devon, with the aim of thanking our current customers, encouraging others to visit and boosting repeat custom.

The new scheme, known as Rowcroft Rewards, offers customers the chance to collect loyalty points whilst shopping in any of our shops. The scheme allows Rowcroft Rewards card holders and Rowcroft Gift Aiders (gift aiders are automatically enrolled in the scheme) to accumulate points whenever they spend money in store. Collecting points is simple, for every pound customers spend they'll receive between one and five points. When they reach 500 points they'll be sent a £5 gift voucher that can be put towards buying an item in one of our shops, or donated back to the hospice.

Why have we launched a loyalty scheme?

Loyalty schemes have been around in the UK since 1981, but the first nationwide scheme started in 1994 when Tesco launched its Club card. Needless to say, every other major retailer followed suite shortly after.

Charities have more recently begun to realise the potential loyalty schemes have to boost income, encourage repeat custom and provide important, useful information about consumer spending habits. Sue Ryder Care successfully implemented its first loyalty scheme in 2006 and the Red Cross launched its high profile Give and Gain card in 2012. These are just two examples of the many that have already been implemented.

We carried out a lot of research on the impact of loyalty schemes across the retail sector before deciding to launch our own. Our research found that it's around five times harder to achieve repeat custom than it is to simply find new customers, and that offering customers the chance to earn a reward would encourage them to return to our shops . One particular quote we found in the 2006 Journal of Consumer Research Inc. Vol. 32 read, 'people provided with artificial advancement toward a goal exhibit greater persistence towards reaching the goal'; in other words, offering customers the chance to earn a £5 voucher for shopping with us, will encourage them to keep coming back!

Caroline Wannell, Retail Development Manager for Rowcroft Hospice, explains: "Repeat custom is so important for our shops as it will help boost income for the hospice, providing vital funds for the care of people living with life-limiting illnesses.

"We are delighted to be launching a loyalty scheme and also very grateful for an opportunity to thank all those people who regularly purchase goods in Rowcroft's shops. We hope they will enjoy spending their £5 voucher in-store, or choosing to donate it back to the hospice."

Our research also showed that loyalty cards will enable us to monitor buying patterns in store, helping us to grow income channels by learning more about our customers' shopping habits.

Caroline adds: "Information about what our customers are spending their money on, and in which of our shops, will be so helpful in ensuring we are distributing our stock appropriately. Knowing what will sell best where will help us to guarantee stock is sold for the best possible value and maximise our income."  

The story so far...

So far we have had over 250 people sign up for Rowcroft Rewards and that figure is growing every day. Add to this the fact that we already have over 8,000 loyal gift aiders who have also been enrolled in Rowcroft Rewards, and we have a huge following of customers already looking to help the cause!

Have you signed up yet? Visit our Rowcroft Rewards webpage for more information and to join today.

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