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Not just a place of care

11 November 2014 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

Here at Rowcroft, we focus on delivering the very best care to patients living with life-limiting illnesses at home and on the ward, but did you know, we also provide a vast number of educational workshops and courses to health and social care professionals, patients, their families, staff, volunteers, and members of the public?

Our range of courses vary from half-day, to full-day and week-long training courses that cover a whole host of topics, from how to live with Breathlessness, to Advance Care Planning and Chronic Oedema management.

We also hold special interest group workshops, for professionals working with people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), for example.

Having the knowledge and understanding of end of life care is at the heart of all good decision making and this is why we hold workshops for people to learn how to care for someone with life limiting illnesses; education and research underpins all aspects of the care provided by Rowcroft Hospice.

Kerry Macnish, Education Facilitator, explains: "All those who die in Devon each year deserve the very best end of life care possible. We hope that by sharing our knowledge, expertise and experiences in palliative care through our wide ranging educational opportunities, we can help raise confidence and improve the skills and knowledge for others providing care for patients and their families as they approach the ends of their lives."

We also endeavour to respond to requests for bespoke workshops. Recently our Education team were asked to lead a workshop to help prepare the Brixham YODO (You Only Die Once) group, to run a community information event aimed at encouraging more people to talk openly about end of life, and plan better for the future.

Lorna Gray, Education Manager, explains: "The best care only comes with the best knowledge, and that's where we come in: we train our own staff and volunteers; share our knowledge and skills with our colleagues in other health and social care teams; help patients and their carers to understand their symptoms better, and find ways of reducing the impact on their lives; and, when possible, we work with community groups and schools to encourage more people to talk openly and be less fearful about end of life."

She adds: "We feel that it's important for people within the community to know about the services we offer, so that if there are any other groups like YODO, who would like some advice, they know we are here to help."

All of our onsite training is held in Rainbow House, within the grounds of the hospice, where our education and clinical teams use the latest evidence, research and technologies to help others learn about life-limiting illnesses. This includes learning about the physical, psychosocial and spiritual symptoms that many will experience, and the skills needed to help improve the quality of life for both patients and carers.

We are currently applying for a grant to support us in bringing one of our programmes to the Newton Abbot area so the Team is also on the hunt for potential offsite training venues in Newton Abbot, which will make our education more accessible to those working in the Teignbridge area.

If you are interested in signing up for a course or workshop, or know of a venue large enough to hold 30 people, please email the Education Team on:

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