Meet Maxine Halcro - Rowcroft's Youngest Staff Nurse


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Meet Maxine Halcro - Rowcroft's Youngest Staff Nurse

12 May 2015 Posted by Rowcroft Hospice

At 23-years-old Maxine Halcro is Rowcroft's youngest Staff Nurse. For Nurses' Day 2015 she shares why she wants to work for Rowcroft and how much she loves her gerbils!

I first came to Rowcroft as a student on placement and really enjoyed it. I wanted to do something different and was lucky to get the place. I felt like it was a job I could do every day because I enjoyed it so much, so I decided to apply for a full time position here when I graduated.

I never get upset - or very rarely, I am always smiling. I have two gerbils at home who always make me laugh, they are so funny. They're called Frodo and Gandalf because I'm a massive film buff. My favourite movie of all time is Sleeping Beauty as it's got a bit of everything, including fairies!

You never know what you're going to face here so you have to be able to adapt, I think that is something I'll get better at doing with experience. I learn by observing how other health care professionals handle situations and ask them questions; doctors, nurses, the lot! I know I'll get a different answer from whoever I ask, but that's how I'll learn.

Despite being the youngest Staff Nurse here I'm not made to feel like it. People here appreciate how much work you've done, not how old you are. I am very happy here; Rowcroft is an amazing place.

Together Rowcroft Hospice's Nurses care for more than 2200 local people 24/7 in their homes and at the hospice every year. They also offer support, kindness, tea, hugs, tissues and smiles to thousands of our patients' family and friends. If you'd like to support their work, sign up to make a regular donation.

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