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Megan Duff's Grandmother, recently died after battling lung cancer. Megan was so moved by the support her Grandmother and family received from Rowcroft, she has decided to volunteer and wanted to put down in writing, her thoughts and feelings concerning her Grandmother's care at Rowcroft.

Megan's Story:

My Grandma, Jean Mary Rice, was one of the kindest, most generous and feistiest ladies you will have ever met, she was a very special and important person in everyone’s life who had the pleasure of being her friend – the matriarch of our whole family; she made me who I am today.

Megan and her Grandmother, Jean Mary Rice

One month ago my Grandma was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and two weeks after this tragic news, her partner, “Uncle Geoff” (like a Grandpa to us), died from a heart attack from the stress and sheer heartbreak of this news. My Grandma was distraught, as were we all, and this lead to her extreme and rapid deterioration. Our family had organised a five day trip to the Orkney Islands for Grandma to say goodbye to treasured family members, and through her sheer determination we managed to get there, despite Uncle Geoff dying the day before departure. She was admitted into hospital the night we got back and three days later we were told that the cancer had spread to the brain. She was then taken to the Inpatient Unit at Rowcroft Hospice and my family and I moved in for three days, staying in the family room and taking it in turns during the night to sit by her side.

The staff were unbelievable - I cannot explain how amazing they were and how grateful our whole family is for their support, their expert advice/knowledge and their great efforts in making the last days of my Grandma’s life as comfortable as possible. It is a place our family will always hold close to our hearts. I would very much like the opportunity to give back just a small bit of what the hospice gave to us and my Grandma. I simply cannot express how grateful and appreciative we all were for just a simple cup of tea from the volunteers after sitting by her side for hours on end - and thus I would like to give back to the families who are going through the same ordeal. The hospice is an extremely special place - it is far from depressing like some may think and the staff remain cheerful and helpful despite everything they go through. They were able to tell us straight and honestly how long they thought she had left and any other information – an aspect we immensely appreciated at such an emotional and sensitive time. I would love the opportunity to be a part of this special place, for myself, my family and in my Grandma and Uncle Geoff’s memory.

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