About Rowcroft

Housekeeping Facilities

Patients staying at the hospice are sometimes more susceptible to infections, so infection prevention and cleanliness are the highest priority for the housekeeping team.

The dedicated housekeeping team are all thoroughly and regularly trained in infection control and cleaning techniques, and as a result the hospice prides itself in the highest standards of cleanliness.

An example of the level of seriousness that the team take this responsibility is demonstrated by the fact that they only use micro fibre cloths and mops, which have been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of infection.

To avoid the risk of cross contamination fresh cloths and mops are used for each bed area, beds are steam cleaned once vacated and the bathrooms are cleaned after each patient.

Sheets, pillows and towels are sent out for commercial cleaning, whilst other cleaning is done on site; which includes, if necessary, patients’ clothing.

At least one member of the housekeeping team is on duty from 7am until 7pm everyday.

The Housekeeping team are proud of the role they play in ensuring that everyone feels safe when staying at Rowcroft Hospice.

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