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Catering Facilities 

The catering team at Rowcroft Hospice do all in their power to ensure that the highest quality of food is served to all patients.

All food is prepared and cooked on site by our own catering staff, many of whom have been working in the catering team at the hospice for more than 10 years.

Wherever possible fresh produce is sourced locally with daily deliveries of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

Every morning the ward hostess will visit patients to discuss the menus with them. There is always a choice of starter, main course and dessert, but if for whatever reason the patient doesn’t fancy the food on the menu then the kitchen will always offer a jacket potato, salad or omelette cooked to order.

Special diets are never a problem and the catering team will, for instance, be able to prepare a meal for a particular diet whether on religious grounds e.g. kosher or halal, or for medical reasons such as diabetes. In situations where food needs to be puréed this is done.

Although generally meals are at set times during the day, they can be flexible so if for instance a patient isn’t hungry, or is asleep when food is being served their meal can be kept for a more convenient time.

The nursing staff are always available to help patients that might have problems with feeding themselves.

As well as helping with the serving of meals, volunteers assist the catering team by taking a refreshments trolley around the Inpatient Unit five times a day, serving teas, coffees, soft drinks, biscuits and cakes made in the hospice kitchen.

Before lunchtime all patients are offered an alcoholic or soft drink from the drinks trolley.

In July 2015 the kitchens at the hospice were inspected by the Food Standards Agency and rated 5, the highest level possible.

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