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# ABSEIL: The more adventurous the location the better.

# ACTIVITIES DAY: Organise a day when people can take part in a range of activities. Can involve families, different classes or teams.

# ADVERTISING SPACE: Sell window space or poster sites to local attractions, or get even more imaginative and sell your back as advertising space by wearing a tee-shirt or having an advert painted on your back.

# ADVENTURE DAY: Organise a day at an adventure centre with colleagues or friends and family. Use it as a team building exercise, fun day out or instead of a birthday party. Raise money by charging everyone higher entrance fees and put wagers on the activities. 

AEROBICS: Organise a sponsored aerobathon. Get local sports clubs and leisure centres involved. Get sports shops to sponsor the event.

AFTERNOON TEA: Arrange an afternoon tea party where you can hold a raffle, auction, tombola, games and, if possible, some musical accompaniment.

AIR MILES: Collect Air Miles and add them together. Either raffle or auction the Air Miles.

# ANGLING EVENTS: Such a popular sport could really attract competitors. Why not go on a staff sea angling trip to boost team building and funds?

ARTS AND CRAFTS SALE: The idea is either to make all of the crafts yourself or rent out pitches to local crafts people so they can sell their wares to the public.

ART EXHIBITION: Encourage local artists to exhibit their work. Charge entrance fee and commission.

AS NEW SALE: An “As New Sale” is really another name for a posh jumble sale. The event can be held in an evening and organised to resemble a shop rather than a jumble sale. This needs time and commitment for sorting the clothes, and where necessary wash and ironing them previous to the sale might enhance the price.

# ASSAULT COURSE: A team building exercise, good way to raise funds and great fun too!

AUCTION: Auction items that are donated or sold on behalf of the donor and you take a percentage of the fee or sale of the item

# AUCTION OF PROMISES: A variation of the auction theme, where you auction off promises made by people or local business. These can be anything from being chauffeur driven for a day to meal for two or theatre tickets.


BAD HAIR DAY: For those who are prepared to look really silly - why not get sponsored for a full day of pink hair?

BADGE MAKING: Make a range of badges to sell at a craft fair or at work, or amongst friends.

BAKED BEAN BATH: Get sponsored to sit in a bath of Baked Beans for a day, or a group of friends to sit in a Jacuzzi full of Baked Beans and be sponsored, or charge them to do it.

BALLOON RACE: Sell helium balloons and attach the purchasers’ name and address on a tag. The balloon that travels the furthest wins a prize.

# BARBEQUE: Always a winner, especially in the summer. Couple this with games such as cricket or rounders or even some music to make a really great atmosphere.

BARN DANCE: Traditional country music is becoming more and more popular. There are many groups who offer a good caller and lively music. Offer some food and plenty of cider and the evening is bound to go with a swing.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: Invite local ‘unknown’ bands to play in front of an audience. The audience then get to decide who is best. The winners get a cash sum. Try to get record producers, live venues and music press interested as an incentive for bands to take part. Charge an entry fee for the bands and the audience. Organise a bar to add to your takings.

BEAT THE GOALIE: Traditional fairground game where the competitor tries to score past a goalkeeper. Score a goal and win a prize.

BED PUSH: Sponsored bed pushes are great fun and can be organised over a distance suitable to yourselves, can be through the centre of your town or village. The ‘bed’ can be any sort, from a hospital bed to a four-poster, even a washing machine or 3-piece suite!

BEER FESTIVAL: Beer festivals can be as large or small an event as you wish. The event can last an evening or be continued throughout a week or even over a month. Obviously the larger the event, the more money you can potentially raise. The festival could involve beers from around the world, which could incorporate various themes from different countries. Do not forget to cater for the non-beer drinker and ensure there is enough entertainment to keep everyone amused. Check what the licensing laws permit!

BEETLE DRIVE: Introduce a new generation to the traditional fundraising game

# BENEFIT DINNER: Perhaps you need to entertain clients or want to put on an evening for your business associates and colleagues, why not do it to raise funds? Add a little onto the dinner charge and perhaps run an auction, it will not only raise cash but also boost your business reputation.

BINGO: An evening of Bingo is great fun and a great way to raise money. Or you can run a regular morning session over a few weeks.

BOARD GAMES EVENING: Organise an evening of board games, charge per game or an entrance fee. Possibly have prizes for the winners (Monopoly Champion or Mastermind of Trivia)

# BOAT RACE: Organise a boat race where local organisations build model boats and race them on a river. Variations can also include full size boats, yachts, dinghies and canoes, whatever is to hand!

# BOAT TRIPS: If you have a river or canal near by, try to organise a boat trip as an ideal way to spend a summer evening. Try to add refreshment and music. Many pleasure boat companies offer a wide range of services.

BONNY BABY COMPETITION: Invite people to enter a competition to put their baby into the limelight and charge per entry. Approach local press, radio and shopping centres with a view for potential venues and advertising. Try to get prizes donated from child friendly shops and organisations. Even approach them for sponsorship. Perhaps enlist a photographer to take photos and charge a fee for them too.

BOOK SALE: Selling second hand books is a great for people to get rid of old books and for you to raise money. If you can’t sell them all, many book dealers will purchase the left over bulk stock to relieve you of all of the books.

BOTTLE STALL: Traditional stall, which works best at large events such as fairs and coffee mornings. Try to get the bottles and cans donated from large shopping centres and manufacturers.

# BUNGEE JUMP: Bungee jumping is all about fear- the fear of falling and never hitting the floor! It’s a fantastic way to gain sponsorship by inflicting fear, but a really great money-spinner.

BURNS NIGHT: A Scottish based theme evening, with Haggis, Nepes and Tatties and Scottish dancing. Charge entry and hold a Scottish based raffle.

BUS PULL: Involve a group of people to pull a bus a set distance and be sponsored for the event. Try to get sponsorship from a large organisation. Alternatively, it could be a competition with numerous teams pulling the bus against the clock over a shorter distance. To make it more elaborate you could even decorate the bus with a theme.


CAKE STALL: Traditional stall to sell donated cakes and other delicatessen delights. Works best at a larger event such as a fair or coffee morning. Please let the hospice know if you are doing a cake stall so they can advise you on health and safety regulations for selling perishable goods to the public.

CANDLE MAKING: Why not make candles and sell them at craft fairs or coffee mornings? There is a great increase in the fancy candle market and they are really very easy to make.

CAR BOOT SALE: Organise a Car Boot Sale in the community and sell the pitches. This is also a great opportunity to raise funds by including other stalls and sideshow e.g. refreshments, bouncy castles, tombola. Alternatively, sell your left over jumble and donations at car boot sales.


CAR TREASURE HUNT: Rather than a traditional treasure hunt around the local town, this is a treasure hunt where you drive from clue to clue and find the treasure! A real challenge and good fun as well as a sound fund raiser.

CAR WASH: Set up a car wash service, perhaps from a local car park (supermarkets are ideal). You could even make it a fancy dress car wash to add a bit of originality

CAROL SINGING: A traditional method of raising funds during the Christmas period. In order to collect from private residences you may require a license and carol singing in large groups is safer and you gain a much better response.

CELEBRITY: If you know a celebrity, ask them to your event and make sure you advertise their appearance, they are a great crowd puller.

# CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST: Try something different to the traditional coffee morning, charge for Champagne, strawberries and maybe some croissants or pain au chocolate.



COFFEE MORNING: By having an open house and organising other stalls such as a bring and buy or a cake stall and raffles you can make a substantial amount from a very social event!

COLLECTION BOXES: Probably the oldest method of raising funds. We can provide collection boxes for your event, however there are regulations attached to them so please ensure that you pass them by the fundraising office

CONCERT: If your organisation has musical connections you may be able to put on your own performance, alternatively, you could bring in entertainers from around the area to perform at a concert. The style and type of concert can also differ considerably from rock and pop to classic or opera!

COMEDY NIGHT: Pubs and clubs are good venues for comedy night, try to find someone funny!

COOKERY DEMONSTRATION: Inviting a chef from your local restaurant to let you in on the secrets of the trade is a real crowd puller. You may even be able to attract some of the newfound celebrities or hold your very own "Master Chef".

CRAFT FAIR: Craft Fairs offer the opportunity for local craftsmen to sell their wares. The talents of these people will range from wood turning and wood carving through to embroidery and cross-stitch. You may also produce crafts to sell at the fair.

CREAM TEAS: perfect for this part of the world!

# CRICKET MATCH: Hold a cricket match and afternoon activity. Challenge your County team to a match or invite some star cricketers to join in your efforts. With the introduction of Kwik Cricket in schools you may be able to organise a competition based on this new form of the game.

CROSSWORD COMPETITION: Holding a crossword competition, as a sideshow is a relatively new concept. Produce a very large crossword on a board and get people to pay to answer a clue. Hidden behind each number is a raffle ticket that could win a prize!

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