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JAZZ FESTIVAL: A jazz festival is a great evening’s entertainment and it pulls together the key elements of fundraising - music and food.

JEWELLERY MAKING: Making items of jewellery and selling them at craft fairs is an excellent way to raise funds.

JUGGLING MARATHON: How long can you keep all your balls in the air?


KARAOKE: Hire a machine and a room and a well stocked bar and you will be amazed how little encouragement people need to be like their favourite pop star.


LONDON MARATHON:A hard slog but thousands do it, raising millions for charities across the UK. Please let the fundraising team know if you are thinking of running – you could be a part of the Rowcroft Runners!

LAND’S END TO JOHN O’GROATS: can be done in unusual transport for a sponsorship selling point.

LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST: Does your mate Dave look a little like Diana Ross? Is Sally a splitting image of Anne Robinson? Can be taken as seriously as you like!

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